ROTASOFT® is available in several sizes to match your water line. Select yours here.


We recommend that you choose your ROTASOFT® according to the pipe size at the incoming water source after the main shut off valve located on the outside of the building. Usually at the main-line which is found at the front of the building. Some properties have the water main coming in from the rear of the building and this is not a problem provided that the water flow is not interrupted or otherwise split off before the water meets the main shut off. A licensed and experienced plummer/electrician should be hired to install your ROTASOFT® at the main water supply leading to the house or property and a grounded outlet to be installed within 6′ of the mainline to allow the ROTASOFT® to be plugged in to receive 110 volt power. Your ROTASOFT® supplier will be able to assist you in locating a contractor that can install the unit efficiently.

ROTASOFT® Model #01-RS1

A unique water conditioner and softener with 1″ pipe inlet and outlet, designed for the residential or office. May be installed using a reducer to fit 1/2′ to 3/4″ pipe. With it’s uniquely designed profile for ease of installation and shorter body which make it a breeze to install and power up! Your ROTASOFT® is a wise choice when it comes to softening the water that flows through the fixtures around your home or office!

ROTASOFT® Model #02-RS2

A heavy duty water conditioner and softener with 2″ pipe inlet and outlet, designed for larger sized properties and commercial properties. May be installed using a reducer to fit 1.25″ to 1.5″ pipe. Like its little brother, Model #02-RS2 is designed to provide the same level of performance and reliability without the salt! From the restrooms, to the kitchen to the landscape, salt-free soft water is needed to serve as the water of choice to satisfy the requirements for healthier drinking and irrigation needs throughout the property!

To order, please visit our “Find a Distributor” page online and select a state and click on it and simply call the number for your local distributor. They will assist you to find your way to germ-free, softer water!


Rotasoft Model #04-RS4

Rotasoft Model #06-RS6

Rotasoft Model #08-RS8

Rotasoft Model #12-RS12

Rotasoft Model #16-RS16

Rotasoft Model #20-RS20

Rotasoft Model #24-RS24

Beyond this, where will the future take us? From home to boilers to cooling towers to nuclear generating stations. Salts and minerals are a global problem that plagues virtually all water sources. We can help!