Offering a convenient and cost-effective way to condition and soften hard water and destroy germs!

Install a ROTASOFT® onto your home or office and say goodbye to salt and other harsh chemicals and enjoy the convenience of softer water along with the benefit of destroying germs! With ROTASOFT®,  NOW- you can have cleaner, safer, and affordable soft water flowing in your home or business — perfect for any family or budget.

Enjoy better shower experience, softer skin and hair!

ROTASOFT® softens water and destroys germs as it increases your personal hygiene, and improves your shower experience, making the water gentler on skin and hair.

Easy to Install and Maintain

ROTASOFT® enables you to enjoy the benefits of softer water without any hassle. We make it simple to keep your system running efficiently. And with its low to zero maintenance requirements, keeping your softener in top condition is a breeze!

Our Products

ROTASOFT® is an exclusive water conditioner and softener with dynamic germ-killing benefits featuring a 1″- 2″ pipe inlet and outlet, meticulously crafted for residential or office use. Its distinctive design facilitates quick and hassle-free setup!

Before you purchase a water conditioner or softener, consider this…

While some people may be attracted to a salt type water softener or the low cost and low maintenance of cheaper, stationary magnetic water softeners, it’s important to understand where they might fall short.

Stationary Magnetic water softeners

There is some scientific evidence that Stationary Magnetic Water softeners do work to a small degree, under specific circumstances. However, they don’t necessarily soften the water in every case.

Scaling in slow moving water

While they do prevent a minor amount of scaling, stationary magnetic water softeners won’t help prevent scaling in slow moving water such as when brushing your teeth or flushing the toilet or places where water sits for more than 48 hours, including your hot water heater.


A ROTATING magnetic water conditioner is highly effective at softening water due to the high speed of the magnetic rotating at speeds of over 3400 rpm!


There is strong evidence to suggest that a ROTATING magnetic water conditioner is effective at softening water and is proven to kill germs!