ROTASOFT® de-clusters water ions and it also offers a slew of benefits that make the water healthier and more beneficial for our bodies. The process happens at the molecular level, and its benefits affect our bodies in a hugely positive way. Separating large bundles of water molecules, making them smaller, makes absorption of these micro-molecules more efficient, meaning you’ll get greater hydration when you drink this water. In this case, smaller is better!

Can ROTASOFT® Actually Make Your Water Better? 

Using a strong rotating magnet to improve your quality of life might sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but it’s achieved through a method that’s been around for more than a few decades. So, don’t be so quick to dismiss the thought that a rotating magnet is such an out-of-mind concept.

In fact, all of the electricity generated in the world uses rotating magnets to produce it! In this case, the ROTASOFT® Water Conditioner utilizes a rotating magnet on water, instead of on a copper coil to capture the electric charge generated by the sheer speed of the moving magnet to benefit the water to help make it softer by energizing the ions and cations and de-clustering the water molecules! So, ultimately, it’s producing electrically charged water!

The intense power of using a high speed rotating magnet comes down to the molecular level. Water molecules have a positive and a negative charge, as water is a polar covalent molecule and can be electrified by introducing a powerful rotating magnetic charge into the water. In this case a powerful Rotating Magnet serves to de-cluster these water molecules; making them smaller or reducing their configuration. At the same time, charging ion structures changes the pH of the water, raising it to be more alkaline and destroying many of the unwanted germs in the process!

Another way of saying this is; Water (H2O) is made up of bonded hydrogen and oxygen. Typically, H2O gathers together in clusters of 10-12 molecules. These clusters are held together by surface tension. ROTASOFT® rotating magnet electrically affects this surface tension through rotational magnetic fields slapping the water at high speed, breaking them up into smaller clusters of about 3-7 molecules or less.

ROTASOFT® delivers a dynamic high-speed rotating magnetic field that distributes this de-clustering effect to virtually all of the water molecules that pass within close range of these magnetic fields that is not readily observable when the water is exposed to stationary magnets. A clear advantage over stationary magnetic or salt based water softeners!

Benefits of Using ROTASOFT® to Condition and Soften Your Water… 

Most people aren’t so concerned about the science behind rotating magnets. What they really want to know is: Are there benefits? Here’s a look at what to expect from water that’s been de-clustered and properly ionized through the action of rotating magnets to become more alkaline:

  • Improved Hydration: Spinning at high speed or rotating the Magnet in close proximity to the water make water “wetter” by breaking down the H2O cluster size. Smaller molecules are readily absorbed by the body, meaning you’re able to hydrate quicker and more thoroughly.
  • Better Bio-Availability: This smaller molecule size and easy absorption is called “bioavailability.” It’s also a great way to absorb whatever nutrients the water is carrying.

Using ROTASOFT® to de-cluster your water means you’re now taking an important step toward giving your body what it needs to remain healthier. While some stationary magnetic conditioners or salt based water systems may include use of filtration systems to remove everything in the water in an attempt to achieve a pH 7 on the pH scale, the smarter approach is to drink alkaline water with a pH of 7.2 or higher. Get a ROTASOFT® today and be on your way to better water!

Get Better and Safer Drinking Water 

Alkaline water is widely recognized as better for your body than acidic or even neutral water. To achieve this level of alkalinity means manipulating composition at the molecular level—de-clustering it. De-clustered water has been the subject of many clinical studies, and conclusions show how truly beneficial it is for our bodies.

Magnetically charged water, which is more alkaline, raises the pH of our body, which allows the body to get rid of toxins. Bio-magnetized water is believed to be energy-building, activating, cleansing, and detoxifying, so it’s altogether better for you!

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If you’re looking to improve your drinking supply each and every day, look to ROTASOFT®. It’s the best way to condition the water and ensure you’re giving your body the alkaline water it craves.

Reduce the Growth of Germs

In addition, ROTASOFT® includes a proven way to reduce the presence of germs for you, your family and anyone who drinks or handles the water at your home or commercial property. With it’s rotating magnet, ROTASOFT® is proven to provide effective water treatment against a variety of germs, fungi and viruses destroying many of them before they can begin their attack on you!